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An open-source content management system (CMS) called WordPress makes it simple to build and maintain a website. It is the most widely used CMS worldwide. WordPress is a platform that millions of entrepreneurs, bloggers, and publishers use on a daily basis to manage their online presence.

Key importances of Using WordPress in 2022

1.WordPress is a free Platform
Fee software includes WordPress. It implies that you are free to download, set up, use, and alter it as necessary to suit your needs. Any kind of website can be made with it. See our post on why WordPress is free for more information.

The WordPress software is free, but in order to install it, you need a domain name and web hosting.

Your website's online address is given by a domain name. To reach your website, your users type this into the address bar of their browsers (for example, wpbeginner.com).

The place where all of your website's files are kept is called web hosting.
2. Utilizing WordPress Is Simple
WordPress is the most adaptable and potent platform, but it's also very user-friendly for newbies.
It has a straightforward interface with a sidebar listing the various menu options. You can easily make pages and posts, change the look of your website, add menus, and more
WordPress is easy to use
Absolute beginners can easily maintain their own websites with WordPress without encountering any technological difficulties.
There are updates first. Updates to the core of WordPress are frequently released and are easily installable. The same holds true for WordPress themes and plugins that publish their own updates
WordPress updates
 There are fantastic WordPress backup plugins available for backups (many of them are free). You may use them to set up automatic backups and save your data on a remote server using services like Dropbox or Google Drive.

Security is the last factor. You can increase the security of your website with some fundamental WordPress security best practices (more on this later).

It could initially seem a little intimidating to you as a newbie. However, we can confidently tell you that you'll quickly get around as the largest WordPress resource site for novices.

Thousands of novice level users have quickly graduated to intermediate and advanced users over the past ten years or more. In fact, many of them now generate income by building WordPress websites for other people.
Simply enter your query in Google and include the phrase “WPBeginner” at the end if you need any assistance getting started. On our website , you’ll probably find the response. link:https://afrinnovators.com/#Services
3. WordPress Can Be Fully Customized
The majority of WordPress users lack programming and web design skills. In actuality, the majority of users begin using WordPress with no prior web design experience.WordPress is the ideal choice for non-techies because it offers thousands of free website layouts (themes) to select from. Whether it's a blog, a commercial website, or an online store, there is a perfect WordPress theme out there.Because many WordPress themes include their own options panel, you may alter the theme's colors, upload your logo, modify the background, make lovely sliders, and otherwise fully personalize it to your needs without having to write any code.

Top 5 Most Customizable WordPress Theme Webibazaar Templates

4. WordPress Supports SEO

10 Best WordPress SEO Plugins for Higher Rankings in 2019
Even the most successful website will fail if it doesn't receive any traffic or visitors.
Fortunately, WordPress was created with traffic from search engines in mind.

Semantic markup and high-quality code are used to create WordPress. This means that Google and other search engines adore WordPress in non-geek terms.

This explains why WordPress pages typically score higher in search results than other websites.

We advise employing a WordPress SEO plugin to optimize your site so that it receives even more visitors.

5. WordPress Is a Secure Platform

Is WordPress Secure as a Website Building Platform? - MalCare
WordPress is a very safe and secure platform to run a website because it is created with security in mind.

However, there are still many things you can do to further protect your website against malware, hackers, and other threats. For more information, visit our beginner's guide to WordPress security @https://afrinnovators.com/.

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