Understanding web hosting is an important part of creating your online presence. Whether your purpose is to start creating websites professionally, to find someone to build yours for you, or simply to get a better understanding of how they work, its okay to ask yourself questions like what is web hosting? or how it works which we are going to explain

Web hosting meaning

The business of housing, serving, and keeping files for one or more Web sites is known as web hosting. The fast Internet connection is more important than the computer space offered for Web site files. The majority of hosting services provide connectivity over T-carrier system lines. An individual company hosting its own website would typically require a similar connection, which would be costly. Using a hosting service allows multiple businesses to share the expense of a fast Internet connection for file serving.

web hosting

Web hosts supply the hosting technologies and resources necessary for your website’s effective and secure operation. They are in charge of keeping the server up and operating, maintaining security measures, and ensuring that data such as texts, photographs, and other files are successfully delivered to the browsers of the visitors.

Types of Web Hosting

Shared hosting

Multiple users share the same server resources, such as memory, processing power, and storage space, via shared hosting.

Shared web hosting is a fantastic alternative for small businesses and personal websites that do not require advanced settings or increased bandwidth due to its simplicity and affordability.

Shared web hosting

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting

Your website shares a physical server with other users with this web hosting type, but the web host creates a virtual partition for each user. As a result, a site hosted on a virtual private server is allocated a certain number of resources.

VPS web hosting is an excellent choice for medium-sized sites, eCommerce stores, and huge blogs with a large number of users.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting

Cloud Hosting

This web hosting system hosts sites on many virtual servers. As a result, if one server encounters significant traffic or a difficulty, the remaining servers will take over and keep the website running.

Since cloud hosting relies on a cluster of web servers to run, businesses with several websites and large-scale sites like eCommerce shops can gain the most from it, as it delivers little to no downtime.

Cloud Hosting

Dedicated Hosting

Each website has its own physical server with dedicated hosting. With dedicated hosting, you may configure the server, select your preferred operating system and software, and tailor the entire hosting environment to your needs.

Renting a dedicated server is just as powerful as having your own on-site server, but you also get expert support from your web host. As a result, dedicated hosting is perfect for large web enterprises with high traffic.

Dedicated web Hosting

How does it work?

So, your website is hosted on a server. The server stores your entire website as files that may be transferred as needed. When a visitor arrives at your website, the server must actively communicate data to the viewer.

Assume your visitor wishes to view your blog. The blog will be delivered to their browser’s screen by the server. When they select a blog article, the server will display it on their screen. The type of website hosting service that you require is determined by the size of your audience and the features that you require.


Keeping up with modern technologies can be hard and confusing. You are now ready to set up your website. Begin your blog or online company now that you understand what website hosting is and how it works.

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