A timeline for a website project should include a list of the most significant checkpoints that correspond to the main phases of website development. According to the size and complexity of each stage, each should be allotted a specific amount of time. Each stage also has a set of goals that must be met in order for it to be finished.

website development project timeline
Website development project timeline

The simplest and most effective approach to keep track of and manage a project’s planned activities is via a project timeline. At a glance, it provides a clear image of the project’s direction. We are going to share 6 important project steps for a better website design and development completion till its launch.

STEP 1: Strategy and Planning

This stage of the project is essential since it establishes the project’s basis for success. Research, strategy meetings, the preparation of creative briefs, technical briefs, or more thorough architectural, requirements, and definitions documents, site architecture plans, wireframes, and sitemaps are all possible topics covered at this stage.

Strategy and planning step
Strategy and planning step

STEP 2: Design

The website project timeline will next proceed to the design phase based on the creative brief and data obtained in the strategy stage. In order to produce a unique or template design that satisfies the objectives for the new website, design mockups are created at this stage and submitted for comments. Designs for the homepage, several internal pages, desktop views, and mobile views can all be included in design mockups.

Design Stage
Design Stage

STEP 3: Content Writing and Assembly

It is impossible to overstate the importance of quality content for websites in the website project timeline. Quality content may distinguish a website just as much as a pleasing design might. Making new content and transferring existing information can take a lot of time, but the payoff is worthwhile. Establishing important messages and calls-to-action, transferring material from other websites, writing new text, revising text, making headlines, page titles, captions, and text for SEO purposes, headlines, descriptions, and tags are all parts of content authoring and assembly. This procedure frequently overlaps with other steps involved in building a website.

STEP 4: Development and Programming

The website project timeline then enters the development stage with the approved design, site architecture, technical brief, and sitemap in place. Here, the website comes to life and all of its components work together to create a top-notch website. There isn’t much customer participation at this point in the project, but it will take up a significant amount of time. The duration of this phase may increase if the website needs custom web apps and connectors.

Development and Programming Stage
Development and Programming Stage

STEP 5: Beta Testing and Review

The website project timeline enters a beta testing phase after it has been developed. The customer is given the option to share the site in a password-protected area with the relevant stakeholders for inspection and comment. During this phase, testing is also done to check that the website is functioning properly and is optimized for use across a variety of browsers, displays, and mobile devices.

STEP 6: Site Launch

After the beta stage is approved, the new website is launched seamlessly alongside the present one. Depending on what’s involved for the client, the launch process may be quick and easy or it may be more difficult.

Maintenance and Enhancement (Ongoing)

A website needs continual maintenance once it launches, including hosting, security, content generation, and accessibility. The website offers a fantastic opportunity to constantly becoming better based on comments and requests from actual users. We advise setting up recurring reviews for some of our clients’ websites so that the website is always improved.

Website Project Timeline
Website Project Timeline
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