How to make money blogging

How to Make Money Blogging

How to Make Money Blogging

Making money from blogging seems like a pipe dream. You can write from anywhere in the world about the subjects of your choice in addition to working independently and forgoing the 9 to 5. Even though it requires a lot of effort, anyone, even beginners, may achieve it with the appropriate plan.

The first step, of course, is to create a blog. After that, you’ll need to grow your blog’s audience so that you can ultimately earn money from it.

10 ways to making money from blogging
1. Select an Attractive Subject
2.The size of your blog posts
3.Build a reputation
4.Promote and grow
5.Advertise on your blog
6.Offer paid subscriptions
7.Sell the products
8.Promoting company’s product or service
9.Add sponsored content
10.Give advice-seeking services

How much more of a income can you expect from blogging?🙄

Let’s discuss your potential earnings before we get started on how to earn money blogging.

How much money can a newbie blogger expect to make from blogging? It’s possible to make a full time living as a blogger, contrary to popular belief. According to the financial blog Millennial Money, bloggers can earn up to $100,000 per year after just two years of growing their readership and traffic. Bloggers can easily earn an extra $500 to $2,000 per month in just the first year.

How to make money blogging, part 1: Build your online presence?🙄

You must start a blog and build a following before you can earn money. Consider this: more readers on your site = more revenue.

Therefore, selecting a wise blogging niche and promoting your site are the first steps in making money. This is how you do it:

1. Select an Attractive Subject

If you’re just starting a blog, you’re probably asking yourself, What should I write about?

Prior to starting to write, you must select a topic. Choose one overarching theme for your blog so you may focus on a certain area and draw in a specific audience of followers.

Starting with your hobbies is crucial when choosing your specialty because you’ll be investing a lot of time and energy into it. But if you’re serious about producing money from your blog, you also need to consider topics that readers will find interesting and that will ultimately be profitable.

In light of this, there are three questions you must ask yourself before selecting a topic:

  1. What are my interests
  2. Who is my audience?
  3. Which topics are profitable?

Question 1: What are my interests?

You should write about a subject that truly interests you if you want your blogging efforts to be successful in the long run.

Similarly, take into account your level of professional experience. You’ll have a harder time establishing yourself as a reliable source of information in that business if you have no past links to the blogging area.

On the other hand, if you have professional expertise, a background in a particular sector, or connections in that field, you’re already equipped to write blog entries about those topics and will find it simpler to gain your readers’ trust. Take a peek at these blog post concepts; they’ll inspire you.

select an attractive subject

Question 2: Who is my audience?

Readers will swarm to your site if there is a need for information in your niche and you provide knowledge or information that meets that need. Consider the types of readers you might draw by using the topics you are interested in.

Then, consider the kinds of issues that people in various disciplines encounter and the answers they seek. This will enable you to target these groups with a blog and give them the solutions they require.

Question 3: Which topics are profitable?

Almost anything can be the subject of a blog, although some blog categories are more lucrative than others. You should think about the potential for sales in a certain niche before deciding whether you can earn money writing about it.

If you’re starting a blog on cooking, for example, an article about the best kitchen appliances is a great place to advertise or promote affiliate links. If you’re thinking about starting a blog about digital marketing, you might take into account potential to sell e-books or provide consulting services.

Types of blogs that make money

Several types of blogs can be profitable if you know how to manage them strategically, but here are the most common:

  • Business and marketing blogs
  • Finance blog
  • Health blogs
  • Fashion blogs
  • DIY and crafts blogs
  • Nutrition and food blogs
  • Lifestyle blogs

Whatever area you decide on, it’s critical to consider monetization early on and create objectives for earning money from your site. This will guarantee that your foundation is solid from the start.

2.The size of your blog posts

Once you’ve decided on a topic, you should start producing content. As you get started, keep in mind that your articles’ strategy is just as crucial as their actual content. Your articles will naturally require a lot of writing, but they will also require extensive planning and research.

Additionally, you should constantly and frequently submit new content without sacrificing quality. What you should be aware of as you begin producing and scaling your content is as follows:

Pick interesting topics

You should pick strategic themes to write about in the same way that you picked a strategic blog niche. The two goals that the finest themes must achieve are:

Your target audience’s needs are addressed, and a well-thought-out, practical solution is provided.

They focus on keywords with large search volumes, which is a measure of how many people are searching for a particular phrase or topic over a specific period of time (typically one month). The theory behind this is that people are more interested in a topic if there is a larger keyword volume. The more thoroughly you can respond to people’s search queries, the higher your articles are likely to rank on search engines and drive traffic to your website (more on that later in Step 4).

Writing headlines is also an important step you don’t want to forget. Be sure to accompany all of your blog topics with catchy titles. The catchier your blog titles, the more likely it is that people will click to read the content.

Make money blogging

Post frequently

You must frequently publish new material if you want to accomplish your initial objective of increasing site traffic. To increase organic traffic, try to add 3 to 4 new content at least once a week.

Additionally, you should publish frequently. Avoid publishing a large number of articles one week and then nothing the next. Instead, prepare a regular publishing schedule in advance and create an editorial calendar. This will show Google that you maintain a successful, active blog.

Spread out the tasks

Remember that you’re developing your online presence as well as your entrepreneurial skills as you think about how to make money blogging. You’ll quickly find that managing your business and writing up to three posts every week is a lot to tackle.

Don’t let that slow you down, though. As you launch your blog, take into account hiring more staff to assist you swiftly scale your content. This is possible by:

  • To fast scale your content, outsource some of it to independent contractors.
  • allowing other bloggers to post content to your site via your blog (a great free option for you that also gives publicity to the guest contributor)

Whatever choice you select, the most important thing is that you organize your workload so that you can concentrate on both writing and business planning.

3. Build a reputation

Establishing yourself as an authority in your subject is the next step toward earning money from blogging after you’ve produced a significant number of strategic material. These hints will direct you:

Consider guest blogging:

Start by increasing your internet visibility, especially in the writing and blogging communities. You can get in touch with websites that are relevant to your niche and suggest ideas for guest posts. Don’t forget to include a link to your blog with your pitch to demonstrate your expertise in the industry.

Look through your favorite sites to see whether they publish content from outside authors to locate opportunities for guest blogging.

As an alternative, you might perform a name search online to check where bloggers in your niche who you follow are getting published. That will direct you to websites that welcome guest posts.

From there, you can email or use LinkedIn to pitch an idea to a writer or editor. You can also pitch them ideas on Twitter if you already have a connection with them there. These are two of the social media channels that professionals utilize the most frequently, and they’re frequently successful in connecting with readers of online publications.

If your proposals aren’t immediately approved, don’t give up. That’s a common occurrence, and as your outreach efforts get better, your pitches will be approved. Additionally, the more content you submit, the more your reputation will grow and the simpler it will be for you to publish in the future.

If you’re fortunate, certain magazines might pay you for the content you submitted. When it comes to blogging for profit, this is already a fantastic beginning. Having said that, guest writing is still an excellent way to network with people in your industry and start expanding your following, even if it doesn’t pay you monetarily. You might eventually get your own guest column if you have enough experience.

Additionally, guest blogging has the advantage of generating backlinks to your own website, which improves your SEO. This is crucial since it increases the visibility of your website on search engines like Google, which will drive visitors to it. For further advice on blogging SEO, read this post.

Cooperate with professionals

Working closely with other professionals in your business is another approach to demonstrate your credibility. This will increase your exposure and aid in your audience-building efforts.

Start by contacting experts in your chosen field of blogging. This might be the editor of your preferred journal or a popular guest blogger you follow. As a guest post or for inclusion on your own site, inquire if you can interview them. Despite the fact that this could sound like a daring request, those in this position frequently enjoy doing interviews because it boosts their exposure.

You can do the same for other blogs in your field. Mention their articles on your blog and social media posts, and converse with them on Twitter. It’s likely that they’ll start reading your stuff as well and reciprocate.

4.Promote and grow

Promote and grow your Blog

You already know that it will be simpler for you to make money from your blog the more readers it receives. Growing your website’s traffic is a crucial first step toward earning money from your blog because of this.

Before we go into how to advertise your blog, bear in mind that it takes time and effort to sell your work. From the minute your blog is published, you should start promoting your website along with all other actions. Marketing your website will be just as important to its success as blogging itself, even as your viewership expands.

Here are some strategies for getting the word out and gaining popularity:

SEO Optimization:

As was already discussed, SEO is essential to getting your website listed on Google. Making content that appears on the first page of organic search results for pertinent queries is one of the best methods to get visitors to find your blog. If you’re starting a blog about baking, for instance, you’ll want to rank highly for terms like “birthday cake recipes” and “carrot cake recipes.”

To do this, you should not only work to write the most enlightening blog entries on the internet but also optimize these pieces by using strategic long tail keywords, a particular kind of term that focuses on your target demographic.

Although it may seem difficult for beginners to learn how to find these keywords, it is actually pretty straightforward, especially with the aid of some keyword research tools which include organic traffic statistics

SEO Optimization

Create a newsletter

Create an email newsletter to promote your content as another option to increase blog visitors and earn money. This will guarantee that visitors to your blog will return to read further content.

But how can you initially entice individuals to sign up for your newsletter? Here are a few concepts:

  • Construct email marketing:

If they are given something worthwhile in exchange, people are considerably more likely to sign up. Lead magnets, also referred to as “freebies,” are merely incentives that you provide in exchange for a subscription. A free e-book or guide, a free slide deck or online course, or a discount code for your online shop are a few examples of the offers you can make.

  • Make sign-up forms:

Typically, sing-up boxes ask users to subscribe through pop-ups or slide-ins. They tend to draw site users’ attention more than static text because they are difficult to ignore. You can decide to make an opt-in form that expressly invites users to sign up for your emails. A different approach is to create opt-in forms that include your lead magnets and request visitors’ email addresses in exchange for the free gift.

Create a social media plan.

You’d be blogging incorrectly if you didn’t share your pieces on social networking. Similar to SEO, social media marketing is a fantastic free technique to increase awareness.

You may consider setting up distinct social media profiles for your blog in addition to sharing links to it on your own channels. Consider setting up a Facebook business page to advertise your blog there as well as creating separate business accounts on Instagram and YouTube.

Once you’ve done that, expand your readership even further by creating content for your articles. Create photos or infographics-based Instagram and Pinterest posts, for instance, and provide links to your blog’s content within the postings. Likewise, you may convert your blog posts into YouTube videos and add a link to the appropriate article at the bottom of each video.

Get creative

Increase your audience even more by using several inventive content formats. Post educational how-to videos on your website, and create a podcast or webinar to share your knowledge. The more diverse the information you provide to establish your authority in your subject, the more likely it is that readers will find your blog.

Although you should initially make this content available for free in order to grow your readership and increase blog traffic, you can later start charging as an extra money stream. When considering how to monetize your site, keep this in mind.

How to make money blogging, part 2: Pay for your content🙄

5. Advertise on your blog

By including Google AdSense advertisements in your blog entries, you can earn money from blogging.

What is Google AdSense, exactly? It’s a tool that enables you to add advertising spots to your website. Google then inserts advertising into those spots that are pertinent to your blog and site visitors. When those advertisements are viewed or clicked, you also profit.

Google Adsense with Afrinnovators

This is a well-known and successful advertising program that enables bloggers to monetize the traffic to their websites. You are able to select the sizes, shapes, and locations of your preferred ads, allowing you to maximize clickthrough rates while preserving a non-intrusive surfing experience for users.

If you want to go this path, the following tips can help you increase your income:

👉Important quality content: Even if you want to monetize your blog, you should always put the quality of your writing first. If your material is good, you’ll attract visitors. And as your blog gains popularity, advertisers start to find it appealing.

👉Find profitable keywords: Look for transactional terms that may interest marketers while you conduct keyword research for your blog content. These include search terms like “Best DSLR cameras” or “How to shoot great images,” which may lead to a sale.

👉Ad size and style should be chosen wisely: Your advertising’ visual appeal may influence whether or not people click on them. While it’s important to make your adverts noticeable, you also need to make sure they don’t irritate the reader. Use ad colors that complement the color scheme of your blog but stand out against the background for the best results.

👉A/B test the location of your adverts: not all ad space is created equal when it comes to generating revenue from them. Whether an advertisement is placed at the top, bottom, or side of a page, for example, it may behave differently. Run A/B testing to see which ad slots receive the most clicks, and use the results to guide your future ad placement decisions.

An ads.txt file can be added to your blog as well. Despite the fact that Google AdSense is the most popular source, employing ads.txt offers you the freedom to connect other ad providers besides Google.

6.Offer paid subscriptions

The creation and sale of membership plans is a second suggestion on how to earn money blogging. This enables devoted readers to purchase access to premium material.

Naturally, you should leave some of your content as a free download; after all, viewers will want to peruse your site before deciding whether or not to purchase. However, you can add in-depth articles that provide unique insights users would be prepared to pay for to supplement the free content.

Give each unique piece a preview to stimulate readers’ curiosity before requesting their subscription so they may read the remainder.

Offering premium subscriptions to your site is a comparable but significantly distinct strategy. Members can receive a range of benefits, such as free blog posts, webinar access, and downloadable tools.

7.Sell the products or services

Selling things directly on their website is another profitable choice. You can achieve this by setting up an online store that directs customers to your goods. This enables you to sell goods associated with your blog’s specialty or personal brand.

Remember that not all of your things have to be tangible; many bloggers choose to sell digital products as well.

You have the following choices for the kinds of goods you can sell:

  • E-books
  • Online courses
  • Webinars and virtual events
  • T-shirts, stickers and merchandise with your blog logo
  • Handmade crafts and other goods
Make money blogging by selling good online

8.Promoting company’s product or service

Recall how we examined the actual earnings of bloggers? Almost all of the top bloggers employ affiliate marketing as a part of their monetization plan, according to their expense reports. This is true for a good reason: affiliate marketing is a simple way to generate passive money.

Affiliate marketing mainly means earning money from your blog by promoting the goods of other people. This entails including affiliate links to various goods and services on your website, on your blog entries, and on your social media pages. You will be compensated when website visitors click on those links and buy something.

Search the internet for affiliate marketing platforms that can connect you with various brands to work with as an affiliate. The most well-liked programs include:

  • CJ Affiliate: Connect with widely recognized brands and earn commissions by promoting their products.
  • ShareASale: Build profitable partnerships with brands across a variety of sectors.
  • Amazon Associates: Promote products sold on Amazon and earn up to 10% in associate commissions.

9.Add sponsored content

You might even start getting approached by businesses looking to sponsor you as your blog gains popularity. Since you are effectively promoting the firm’s items to your audience through your posts, the company will pay you for each one you make. These positions frequently include added benefits, such as free things from the firm for you to review.

These articles frequently consist of product reviews or other examples of how you use a business’s goods or services. To maintain your readers’ confidence, it’s wise to only endorse things you firmly believe in. Additionally, search for alliances that let you produce a series of sponsored posts over a long period of time. This guarantees a consistent stream of income.

You don’t have to wait around for businesses to discover you in order to find these chances. Take charge by contacting the leading companies in your industry and asking about sponsorship opportunities. Be sure to specify how the collaboration will benefit the brand. Tell them, for instance, how many people visit you each month and what you can provide them in return.

10.Give advice-seeking services

Utilizing all the skills you’ve developed as a seasoned blogger is the last technique to earn money blogging. Offer your own knowledge as a service and market yourself as a coach or consultant by using your blog as a portfolio.

You can work with individuals or serve as a consultant for businesses, depending on your field. Blogs of all kinds, from marketing to nutrition to design, are a natural first step in starting a full-fledged consulting firm. For instance, you may use your blogging expertise to launch a career as a food coach or a digital marketing consultant.

To begin with, consider providing services to single customers and attracting them in with exclusive deals and packages. You can also expand into group services like webinars, online courses, public speaking occasions, and conferences. If readers think your blog has genuinely insightful information, odds are good that they’ll be willing to pay for individually personalized advise like relationship advise that is catered to their needs.

money bologging with give advice-seeking services

Make money by starting a blog

Blogging is more than just a hobby; it’s a means to earn money and live your life how you want. As you can see, there are numerous ways to convert the traffic to your website into money. Use these pointers to expand your audience, enhance your credibility, and generate revenue from your work. You’ll be well on your way to monetizing your blog with a combination of high-quality content, business acumen, and expert tools. Check out our online course on blogging to get started.

Make money blogging with Afrinnovators

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