It would be silly to deny that Google can spy on you with all of the information it has on all of us collected via Android apps, desktop applications, and other cloud-based services.

The many incidents of Google user privacy breaches testify to the reality that Google knows far too much about us and uses our data to spy on others.

Although no one knows the exact extent to which Google can spy on us, this article discusses what we do know.

What is google?

What is google?

Google is the internet’s largest and most popular search engine. It is involved in a variety of companies, including hardware, software, and advertising services. Google is also well-known in cloud computing and artificial intelligence.

google surveillance capitalism

It is, as the name implies, a capitalization of surveillance. That is, this company tracks every bit of your data and sells it to corporations to be exploited. Isn’t that against the law? No, not according to the laws that have been crafted to favour this large firm. They are well-versed in everything from your favorite essential oil to the greatest buying website. You may not keep track of your internet activity. Google, on the other hand, does and will spy on you.

What information does Google record?

Google begins recording the following information as soon as you check in to any of your accounts:

  • How do you search?
  • What did you look for? 
  • all about the search behaviors of users
  • Advertisements that pique your interest 
  • Link that you visit
  • Images you viewed
  • Videos you watch

However, Google clearly states in its terms of service and privacy policies that it does all of the mentioned actions. As a result, it is in your best interest to read all of these pages at least once to understand how Google uses and stores user information.

google privacy policy

Can Google follow users’ search history even when they are not logged in?

Your personal traces are still accessible when you use the internet for any reason. These traces can take the shape of IP addresses, cookies, and so on. As a result, even if you are not logged into your Google account, simply being online provides many information about yourself.

Surprisingly, Google observes your online activity by obtaining information such as your name, email address, phone number, credit card, and so on. It also keeps track of your emails, images, videos, map searches, documents, and browser history.

Why Google needs your information?

Google must keep some data at all costs. This is due to the fact that the well-known search engine gives relevant and up-to-date search results depending on the information gathered. Google’s first and primary goal is to provide the most relevant information to its users.

This is why it has to track and keep so much data. As a result, the search engine constantly returns the desired results.

So I hope you enjoyed ‘how google spy on us ‘ let us know in comment any other way you know that google uses to spy on us, and if you need any tech assistance, you can contact us we are happy to help.

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