Design Tips for Social Media Content

Designning tips for social media content consists with the art of planning, developing, and creating of visual content on social media platforms. Investing in design helps brands build recognition and create content that resonates with the targeted audience

1. Use only 1-2 font families.

A design should use a maximum of three typefaces in total, keeping the number of fonts to a minimal. When there are too many typefaces used in a design, the user may feel confused by all the visual changes. It will be simpler for viewers to always recall what they have seen in their mental pictures if the typefaces they have chosen offer a choice of weights and styles that may be used strategically in the design.

font family best choices is a must to any designer in need to maake outstanding designs.
Font family best choices is a must to any designer in need to maake outstanding designs

2. Have a color Palette and stick to it.

A color palette is a collection of hues that designers employ while creating designs. Color palettes can serve as the visual foundation of your design, help to maintain consistency, and improve the aesthetics and usability of your user interface when applied properly. Because it’s a visible aspect of your design that people first notice, color palette branding is significant. Color is the main factor in customer decision-making and actually enhances brand recognition by up to 80%! The way people interpret your design’s individuality is greatly influenced by its colors.

3. Utilize Whitespace.

Consistently using white space enhances legibility and makes content in designs simple to scan. According to a study, using the optimum amount of white space between paragraph lines and its left and right margins can boost understanding by up to 20%.White space’s primary purpose is to create breathing room for your design by minimizing the quantity of text and functional items that people view at once. This room is labeled “white,” although it doesn’t actually have to be white.

4. Ask for feedback.

When you genuinely hear what they have to say, you might broaden your own viewpoint and try out new things that you might not have otherwise. Receiving design input can be difficult, but it can open your eyes to new ideas and methods for designing, which will help you develop your skill set.

Knowing what others think about your workcan help you improve  your designs.
Knowing what others think about your workcan help you improve your designs.

5. Check the analytics to see what works.

Discovering, understanding, and communicating meaningful patterns in data is the process of analytics. Simply put, analytics enables us to recognize insights and valuable data that we might not otherwise notice. This will help in refinig your designs as you will have an understanding of what kind of design is needed by your audience and therefore, you will stick to that while designing.

6. Design or Use template to save time.

Nowadays,, Technology has become a great response to what people want in just a short time. There are may online desig platforms that generate design templates to refer to when designning and this brought about quick and easy designning manner even for people without any experience in designing. Taking time to explore what online platforms has store for you may be a good idea that can even help you to generate ideas and turn them into real designs, designed from sratch (Using Adobe softwares) in case online template generated are not the best fit for the designn you are having in your mind!!

Design Tips
Design tips

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